The South Australian Games Appeal Committee was established in 1994 by the South Australian Olympic Council, when under the current chairman, Mr Robert Gerard AO, a number of corporate leaders came together to raise funds towards the Sydney Olympic Games. Such was the success of the Committee’s fundraising that post Sydney Olympics it was decided to continue the efforts towards future Olympic teams.

Since 2001 the Committee committed to raise funds for all three Games organisations, making an extraordinary financial commitment each Olympiad towards not only the Australian Olympic Team, but also the Australian Paralympic Committee and Australian Commonwealth Games Association as well.

In 2003 the Committee was presented a concept to develop an exclusive membership for discerning corporate leaders who share the Committee’s pride and passion to support our countries athletes. With support from the Australian Olympic Committee the Quarter Club was established to underpin its fundraising program.

The Quarter Club provides members business to business prospects, unparalleled networking opportunities, and some of the finest corporate hospitality available in South Australia. Members also have the chance to meet with the Nations most heralded athletes, from Olympic champions to emerging stars.